Brackets and large time signatures


I am attempting to reproduce a certain score format where similar instruments are connected via brackets of design “none” (without the flares) while having oversize narrow time signatures that span the larger groupings. For instance, I would like for Piccolo, Flute 1 and Flute 2 to have a single thick vertical line bracket (design “none”), Oboes to have another thick vertical line bracket, Clarinets another, etc. However, when I do this, I get a large time signature for flutes, a large time signature for oboes, etc. They print too many times vertically - I only need to see them two or perhaps three times.

I don’t necessarily care if I get one large time signature for winds, one for brass and one for strings - I would be happy just having two groupings (ex. winds and strings). However, using the built-in bracket style for design “none” seems to force having a time signature for flutes, a time signature for oboes, etc., which starts to clutter the score.

I tried changing the large time signatures to “system object positions”, which places them where I want, but then they just print smaller above those locations instead of being vertically stretched and enlarged downwards.

Is there any way of accomplishing this at the moment?

No, you’ve got a choice between showing a time signature on the staves for each bracket, with unbracketed instruments each getting their own time signature, or showing time signatures at system object positions, but positioning them above those staves.

Thanks, Daniel - I actually found a crazy workaround by setting the bracket thickness to 1/1000 to essentially hide them and increasing the sub-bracket thickness so that they appear to be brackets.

The only gotcha with this workaround is that when exporting to PDF the bracket line becomes visible, but printing from Dorico directly is fine.