Brackets and Time signature

I’m trying to create a combined, studio style, violin part (Both I and II are formatted on the same part layout). I’d like to maintain both a bracket between them as well as keeping the large time signature in place. Right now, once the bracket is added the time signature will present itself over the two staves.
Is there a way to turn this off and have it look more like the Harp/Piano setup?
Thanks again!

Are you referring to the full score layout, or the part layout? Each bracket will show its own large time signature, so if you separate the violins from the rest of the string section, then the violins will get their own large time signature, and the remainder of the strings will get their own.

Hi Daniel,
Looking at part layouts.

I’d like to be able to put a bracket into this combined part layout without changing the time signature as shown above (the slightly larger default Time Signature really looks fantastic).
The harp and piano parts are able to maintain the time signature with the double stave systems, which is why I was curious if I was missing a setting somewhere.

Thanks again to you and the team! I’m enjoying Dorico 4 more and more each day I’ve used it.

Aha, then in that case it should be possible. In your combined violins part layout, set Show on every staff in the Time Signatures page of Layout Options, then go to Library > Font Styles, choose the Time Signatures Font font style, and override its point size: something like 28pt should look about the same as your picture above.

Fantastic! Thanks again.