Brackets around multiple notes

Maybe a very simple question again!
In this example

  • the three last notes are small, I found out that in the properties bar you can change the size to “cue” or “grace”, is that the proper way to change the size for this kind of notes?
  • these three notes are also bracketed per the three of them, and that I could not find, not in the Properties, not in Engrave mode. Dorico puts bracket around each note, instead of only the first (left) and the last (right). Have I overlooked something, or is this not possible?
  • Yes, that’s how I would change the size.
  • There isn’t a built-in way to do this. Best to create each parenthesis as a text item, turn off Avoid collisions and position manually.

You could perhaps define a line with parenthesis end caps and a zero width body?

Isn’t this actually a case for a repeat with first and second ending?

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A line is a good idea, but I just wanted to mention that this doesn’t actually work due to the longstanding issue that Dorico doesn’t support a zero-width line. If I have this in the score using a zero-width line…

… then the resultant PDF has a hairline that will print out:

Instead of a zero-width line, you can use a Dash-gap pattern of “0; 0” for any width using a “Dashed or Dotted” line and then it prints fine.


Sorry, just found out how to quote en reply to several answers in one reply. Not only finding my way in Dorico itzelf, but also in the forumsoftware (and people!)!

Ok sizing is clear now, thanks!

Parenthesis is obviously not the simple question I expected it to be!

Yes that is a possibility ofcourse, but I am now in the proces of learning to work in Dorico, so everything I see in the handwriten score I try to notate in Dorico, just to find out what is possible, where to find it etc!

Just tried how to do this, but a line with parenthesis as end caps are not in the standard tools, so you have to define that in the line editor, is that correct?
Will try that later, it is not that important, because as PjotrB already mentioned, there are other (better?) ways to tackle this notation. From my side just trying to learn how todo certain things in Dorico, initially thought this would be a breeze, but obviously not!

Yeah, just click Line Annotation Editor and then add them as Text.
line annotations

Seems simple enough!
Thanks everyone!

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Yes, succeeded!
I am glad that I took the plunge and purchased the Pro version, again thanks!