Brackets around noteheads

Is it possible to put brackets around noteheads? Couldn’t find anything in the forum. Thanks in advance!

Not yet, I’m afraid, except through the rather manual means of creating a text item with Shift+X and positioning it manually. It will be added as a proper option in the future.

Please also consider enable brackets around whole phrases, for purposes such as “Play first time only” and the like…
Cheers, B.

Hi Dorico! Has the parentheses facility been introduced please? Thanks

Hi Paul!
Not yet, I’m afraid — except for unpitched percussion (ghost notes are implemented).

It is introduced in Dorico 3.1.0 release. Please check it out.

Dear Shiki,
You’re answering a question from Nov 2016! Happy new year :wink:

It’s never too late for status updates. Some people might have subscribed to this thread and forgotten about it, so they are now reminded that it’s implemented now.

The OP hasn’t visited the forum for almost 2 years, but you may be right even so :wink:

Some forums automatically lock threads after 6 or 12 months of inactivity, to stop accidental “necroposting” when somebody finds a thread using Google but doesn’t notice the date on it