Brackets for custom group

I am just starting a series of arrangements for a 6-part à cappella group in France. I want to create a standard template that I can use on multiple charts subject to chart-specific changes in meter, key, and tempo (my first arrangement happens to be in cut time and key of F, hence those details in my attached screen shot). I thought I could get the right behavior in Layout Options, but so far I’ve failed. Should I have started in Setup with ‘Add Group’ and built things up from them? Also, once I have my blank score template (including the addition of an ‘Arranged by’ token via Engrave mode), is there a ‘best practice’ way to save the score as a template for future arrangements?
Thanks very much for your collective wisdom! This is the most helpful forum I’ve even been on.

What brackets do you actually want? You can create any bracket change in Engrave mode. If you put the Hommes and Femmes in separate groups in Setup mode, then they will have separate brackets.

Templates can be saved in the File menu: “Save As Project Template”.

What I’m not understanding is why my first system brackets all six singers together, and the after that, I’m only seeing the first singer in a single bracket. Is that because I have a Layout Option set somewhere that basically says ‘don’t show only the first stave in an empty system’ or something roughly equivalent?
I’m happy with the bracket style of the first system. I just was expecting to see the entire 100+ bars in a similar format to the first 17 bars.
Can I ask a separate but related (i.e. setting up a bunch of defaults to save as a template) question in this thread, or should I start a new one?

Layout Options—Vertical Spacing—Hide empty staves.

Sure, feel free to ask the other question in this thread.

Ah ha! Thanks for the pointer to the Layout Options setting. All my staves showed up…:slight_smile.

My related question: I need to add an ‘Arranged by XXX’ for all these charts. In Engrave Mode, I adjusted by music and text frames to accommodate a new line and added the token {@projectArranger@}. (attached screen shot). I removed the flow name token from the Flow default Master page and – just to make sure – copied all of the Project Info (title, composer, lyricist, arranger) into the Flow Info. I thought sure I’d see everything when I went to the Print Mode. However, all I see is the Project title. No composer, lyricist, or arranger. What silly mistake have I made this time?

If you made the frame adjustments to the individual page in Engrave mode, you likely created page overrides (indicated by red corners on the pages in the Pages panel, top right corner of Engrave mode).

Right click on the relevant page in that panel > Remove Page Overrides, then make the tweaks to the Page Templates rather than the individual pages.

When you override an individual page it becomes unlinked from the Page Template on which it was originally based. Removing the overrides puts that link back.

I made the frame adjustments to the Master Page/Default Full Score/First page. As you will see from the attached screen shot, there are no red corners. I do remember reading about the ability to ‘uncouple custom settings’ from the default settings, but in fact, that’s exactly what I don’t want to do…:slight_smile:

That screenshot shows the Page Template Editor. The red corners would be in regular Engrave mode, where you see the actual pages of your score/part.

Thanks in advance for your patience. I still don’t see any red corners (but now understand the difference between the two views).

Ah. It looks as though you’ve set Layout Options to use First Page Never. You want it to use First Page for First Flow.

Now I’m really confused…In Layout Options/Page Setup/Master Page, I see only one drop-down menu to choose from: MasterPageSet: Default Full Score/Default Part

Where do I find the setting you’re referring to?

Here :slight_smile:

Thank you to all…and particularly to Lillie who has helped me with questions which continue to expose my profound lack of Dorico knowledge. I can now see that a project with only one Flow still has one Flow. Not sure how to explain how distorted my notion of single-flow projects was up to this point…something along the lines of ‘one flow projects mean that you never have to worry about any settings that are flow-specific.’
Oh boy!
Again, my thanks to all who contributed to shedding light on question(s)…