Brackets for double choir...?


This morning my Dorico arrived… :slight_smile:

Now I’m fiddling around with my new toy… :slight_smile:

It looks very nice for the first day, and now I’m trying to write
down, just for training and looking,
what is possible with Dorico,
a J.S. Bach Motette for double choir (Komm, Jesu, komm).

I would like to have two brackets for the two choirs, but Dorico
gives me only one large bracket for all 8 stems.

Bärenreiter(and also some othe publishers) show both choirs
each with an extra bracket.

How is that to achieve in Dorico, or will this implemented in the future?

On the other hand: Congratulations for the nice work you did,
quite stabil ( in 3 hours only 1 crash…)


This will be implemented in the first post-release update. The approach would be to put each set of singers into its own group in Setup mode, and Dorico will then bracket the groups separately. In due course (probably not in the very first update) you will also be able to show group labels in the score to the left of the regular staff labels.

Thank you, Daniel, for your quick response!

I will go on fiddling…
have a lot of fun… and some surprises -

quite new expiriences after a lot of years with Encore, Finale und Sibelius (from Version 1 on…)


I tried this and put each set of singers into its own group in Setup mode, but this didn’t change the bracket at all. The only way I could get two brackets was to put the piano part in between the choirs, but this isn’t the desired layout.

…same with me, and unless this feature isn’t implemented,
my scores will be done in Sibelius, may be, in a year or so…?


Yes, I read what Daniel wrote, but he also wrote the following which I can’t get to work.

The way I read Daniel’s post, is that once the idea in implemented in the first post release, this is how you would do it. Not that this is how you would you do it now.


Indeed, this has already been implemented and will be done in the first post-release update.