Brackets for nested tuplets?

First time working with nested tuplets in Dorico:

I see that (through Engraving Options/Tuplets) there are many options regarding tuplet notation, but I’m unable to find anything relating to the notation of nested tuplets. My default settings give me the following:

. . . but I’d like to give the nested tuplets their own bracket as well – as in this rough mock-up, using the Lines tool:

Is this possible in Dorico?


LATER Oops! Just re-realized that everything is possible in Dorico – what I’m after is available through the properties panel!

Yes, indeed. Dorico doesn’t have any engraving options to specify that all tuplets should show brackets specifically if they’re nested. I’m not sure whether that’s a particular convention that’s in common usage, but if it is, then perhaps that is something that we should consider as an option in a future version.

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