Brackets for singers - problem


for some reason my Basso 2 singer is excluded from the brackets.

  1. How can I get him back into the bracketed section - like the Tenore 2?
  2. also, if I delete the Tenore 2 and Basso 2 players from the Setup list, will the music be gone - or does it still exist under the first players?

Seems like Dorico doesn’t recognize basso as vocals. Assumably either because you imported via xml or because you accidentally created a bass instrument instead. If you delete it, the music will indeed be gone, but if you hover the name and click the arrow, you can change instrument. You can also hide it from the score by moving it to a separate player and excluding that player from the layout.

I have now fixed it.
(adding another Basso (singers) part did also put it outside the bracket, so that did not help.)

What fixed it though was: while I had three Basso parts linked to „Player“ Basso 1 I shifted the bottom „instrument“ Basso up with the mouse (inside that blue „Player“ box). The third Basso was suddenly in the bracket system. So I only copied and pasted the music over and then deleted the former singer part.
These had always been Player-Singers-Basso parts b.t.w.

That’s strange! But I’m happy you found a solution.