Brackets in score

I cant seem to customize this (see image).
To explain:
There are percussion instruments imported from an XML file that are not bracketed together.
Is there a way to customize brackets in my imported score?

Or do I need to create NEW PLAYERS and copy and paste the part into the NEW PLAYER stave?

Thank you

Running into so many roadblocks that I may not be able to use this program as it is
I am hoping for an updated version soon…

Tom Davis
Screen Shot 2016-10-28 at 11.16.01 AM.png

You can’t customise brackets beyond the options provided on the Brackets and Braces page of Engraving Options. The problem I think you have here is that the instruments that Dorico has created based on the MusicXML data are not absolutely as you need them to be, so yes, I would recommend copying the music from the current instruments onto new ones. This, of course, is itself non-trivial because we don’t have an easy way of simply exchanging one instrument for another, or of selecting all of the music belonging to one instrument in order to paste it elsewhere (the best you can do for now is zoom out in galley view, make a big marquee selection, copy, and then paste it onto the other instrument).

We are working hard on the first post-release update and I hope a number of these sorts of issues will be addressed in it.

I appreciate the fact that this is a very active forum and that you are here to answer these questions.
Any thought as to approximately when the first update will be made available ?
The more I work with this program the more I see the advantages!

The first update will be available before the end of November, all being well.

Very Good!