brackets inside a score

Hello, I’m composing a score for organ. Sometimes on 1 staff there is music for G.O. and on the other one music for Choir. After a while both staves are for G.O. only. I want to show that with a bracket that holds both staves. How can I place such a bracket inside the score? Thanks and greetings, Ludo

You can’t easily do this automatically, I’m afraid, but perhaps it would be sufficient to use a brace character added in a Shift+X text item? You can copy and paste it from here. In Dorico’s text editor, make sure that the character style is set to ‘Music text font’ to ensure that the brace appears in the correct Bravura Text font. You can also make sure that the text item doesn’t interfere with the staff spacing by selecting the text item and switching off ‘Avoid collisions’ in the Properties panel.

This is definitely on the wish list for a few people on the forum. Due corse no doubt.