I have a snare drum and a soprano part in a bracket because of the soprano part: she doesn’t sing, she has to read a text, therefore I used a single-line instead of the common 5-line. But of course they are not from the same family, is it possible to divide them, without moving all the existing brackets that are correct instead?

Thank you in advance

Just wondering : create a new player, soprano singer. Give her another instrument (clicking on the + button), obviously an unpitched percussion one… Could that work?

No, because being the new instrument a percussion instrument , it will naturally goes with the other percussion (the snare) that I already have.

Yes, you’re right, I just tried, and it does not fool the software. Let’s wait for an answer from some Dorico master !

Unfortunately the brackets will always follow the instrument currently held by the player, so if the soprano player also has a snare drum, when the snare drum is active at the start of the system, the bracketing will follow the snare drum.

But the soprano hasn’t got a snare, she’s just reading a text, so she doesn’t need a 5 line staff, only a single one!
And another oddity is that if I modify the percussion kit and then I create the new instrument to be used in this way ( say I modify the kit, go to the single line, add a bongo low, change his name) when I change his name it will appear slightly smaller than the others and I couldn’t find any way to change it.


If you look at the sheet music for Hamilton or In The Heights, you will find that in these editions the hip-hop (spoken) text is notated on a standard five-line staff in the second space from the top.

As far as producing a sound file, one can always create a bongo part that reflects the rhythm and simply not include it in the printed layout for singers or the conductor.

The reason the label is smaller is because it’s using the ‘Staff Labels (Percussion Grid)’ paragraph style, which is 2pt smaller than ‘Staff Labels’ by default: you can change this in Engrave > Paragraph Styles.