brand new Cubase user trying to use Korg SP 250

Hi everyone.

Help is greatly appreciated. I just got Cubase Pr 8.5 (mac) and am trying to use my Korg SP 250 as the input keyboard. The last version I had of Cubase was 3SX, so it’s been awhile. I need to be walked through steps how to get it to work in Cubase with the Midisport 2x2 Anniversary edition I just got. I thought I had it working, a few notes would sound through the program, then nothing. My apologies for being an absolute beginner. I have a plug n play Keystation at home that works just fine, but the digital piano at my workplace is a different kettle of fish.

So-device setup help, any things I need to worry about latency and all that. Brand newbie.

Beth :confused: