Brand New Reinstall fo Cubase Pro 9


Short-time follower and first-time poster on these forums. Apologies if I leave important data out.

I just bought the upgrade to Cubase Pro 9 during the August sale. however, before I could install it, I ran into some Windows issues and am having to reformat my main drive and reinstall.

I originally got Cubase 8 AI with my Yamaha Motif and upgraded to Cubase 9 AI and then to Cubase Elements 9. And now that I have the Cubase Pro 9 and I also got the USB license key, I am wondering, do I have to install this all from the beginning again, starting with Cubase 8 AI and then update to Elements, or can I just download and install Pro 9?

Thanks for anyone who might venture to reply.

Is your Cubase Pro 9 license already activated? The Cubase Pro installer should come with everything it needs, so you don’t have to reinstall Cubase AI/Elements.

But you would need to reactivate the soft eLicenser to have something to upgrade, unless the license was on a dongle in the first place.

I never got to actually install Pro 9 because my system issues occurred right before I got the dongle in the mail. Thanks for your reply. I guess I will just download and plug in the dongle and see what happens.

Thanks for replying!

In that case you’ll have to reactivate your Soft-eLicenser like peakae said.

Once it arrives, log into your MySteinberg and click reactivate to receive a new activation code for Cubase Elements, then you’ll be able to upgrade it to Cubase Pro.

Oh, right. I did it! Thanks so much for everyone’s input! The whole process was rather unintuitive for me, but you guys made it simple. Thanks!