Brass Condensing Help

Hi everyone,

I’ve been inputting an orchestral score into Dorico in preparation for my upcoming arranging module this year at university. I want the bass trombone and tuba to condense, so have created a custom condensing group in the layout options but it hasn’t condensed (see picture attached).

Any help greatly appreciated


I am guessing your Condensing Config looks something like this:

I found in one of my pieces, for no apparent reason, I could not get the 3 trumpets to condense automatically on page 1, so I finally added a condensing change at the start of the piece to force the issue. Perhaps you will need to do the same until some wiser gurus than I can offer a better suggestion.

Do they always refuse to condense, or just in this spot? I agree, a manual condensing change might be necessary. You may have to use “reset” later on if something unexpected displays.

Your Trumpets, Cornets and Trombones 1 & 2 have common stems. The Horns do not. Is this what you want?

I’ve set it up in the layout options, however it doesn’t give me the option to manually change the condensing as you have shown

I’m fine with what I have here. I just used this as an illustration for Jack, since my own Bs Trbn/Tuba condensing works out of the box and would not be helpful to him.

From the picture of your layout options, you have put the Bass Trombone and Tuba into separate custom condensing groups rather than the same group. The documentation for creating custom condensing groups can be found here.


Well spotted!

That’s worked, thanks!

I haven’t long changed from Sibelius so I’m still getting used to what settings to change etc.