Brass vibrato


Still very new to Dorico. I have seen some other struggles with eliminating/changing vibrato in playback in various other posts. However, I just discovered a slider that seems to eliminate vibrato in many of the brass sounds when I lower it fully. I have tried to attach a screenshot with a crude red arrow pointing to this unlabeled slider. BUT, when I play the composition this slide repositions itself back to a midline position, with vibrato. I can manually lower it during playback and get a straight tone, but it reverts to midline with the next note attack. Is there a way to pin that down during playback and get the straight tone I am looking for while listening back?


My guess is that you are using the wrong expression map for your instruments. If you have swapped out the default instrument patches to custom patches of your choice without changing the corresponding expression map, Dorico will send the wrong type of MIDI data to that instrument and artifacts like changing vibrato instead of dynamics might occur. Take a look in the manual to learn more:

Thanks, I have a lot to learn about expression maps - starting from square one.

It is interesting that if I hover my cursor over anything else in that screenshot, the item identifies itself, but hovering over those 2 sliders does not have the same response. What is the intended function of those sliders? I see a master volume slider top right and a track level slider top left (both horizontal sliders). Also, what is the function of the joystick-like item in the far lower right corner?

Feel free to link me to more publications, thanks again.

The controls to the left of the keyboard are called (left to right) the pitchbend wheel and the modulation wheel. The control to the right of the keyboard is called the sphere control. The function of these depends on which instrument is loaded. More info: