Brauerizing In Cubase

I am also interested to look at your template since i also trying this mixing method :slight_smile:. Could you pleeeeease PM me?

@Tony H,
links are sent, I changed the ABCD-Compressors to dual-mono (Nytshade was complete right about it…) and replaced the Cubase EQ with Puigtech(not finished tweaking yet).
If you want to be closer to the “real Idea”(no rules though), it seems that Nytshades Template is closer to the real thing now.


I love this …
holy crap what a difference I downloaded a song from Cambridge mixing site and brauerised it hihi
here are my first impressions thus far !
set up took me ages but that is due to this being new for me and way different from my normal workflow .
and also I had an age before my gainstaging was ready again because its a new method
I am amazed how freekin loud things got seriously loud I had to take more breaks than other times but hey its a rock song …
loved those free floating 1176s they are cool to have set up to do what one whishes .
the sound overall is overawing and awesome I will try three or four other mixes with differen Genre and then see where I am and how long I need to setup etc .
overall happy happy happy (so far ).
oh and this set and forget on the busses is so cool … I don’t even look at them until I hear something that is adverse,


Could you please send me your templates as well?
I would like to try it out, please.


It’s on the way.

Could you please send me your template for Brauerizing also? Thanks! I fought with trying to set this up for a long time, and finally just gave up! :confused:

Many public thanks to Dirx for the template!

i found the spot to retrieve PM…Thanks again Dirx! Looking forward to this…yes…

from 2007…

Where users have bashed things out a little. Michael Brauer jumps in early on (and he states elsewhere that he rarely visits gearslutz)

Would also be interested in seeing your template Dirx.


@jobnow777, message sent
@ckon, right now I can’t PM you, you might have disabled it?


Very very interesting. I’m diving right into this. Thank you so much for your work! And thank you for sending. :sunglasses:
Best Regards,

Greetings fellow Cubase users,

I would like to try this Brauer method, the links provided here on this topic were very interesting.
Could I please trouble @Dirx and/or @Nytshade for the template?
I would be forever grateful.

Thank you!

On the way…


Isnt “Brauer multibus technique” simply just multiple parallel sends ?

well yes and no,It is more One Mans fixed approach to getting a specific sound colour based on the use of multiple hardware units whilst avoiding the limits and drawbacks/limitations of single mix bus compression. To attempt an emulation of this ITB there are challenges but yes, basically you are utilising quite basic routing methods.Read through the helpful web post here:

But to quote Mr Brauer from 2007 he had reservations when trying to emulate ITB:

we’ve been trying to make it work but there are too many phasing issues. Despite the assurance from several posters that they know how to make it work…it doesn’t. For the most basic template and assuming you only apply 40% of what I do, their template might be ok in limited use. But when I start blending different combinations, the sound changes in an undesirable way.

michael brauer


Hi ckon,

link on the way…


I d also love to get my hands on that template…i tried to make one myself in the past but i think i had a few issues with delay compensation…its been a while tho and i cant remember what the problem was…Dirx thanx so much for this i hope you dont mind sending it once more:)

Hi ottomo,

message sent.


Dirx: Would also really like to test this method. If you can send me your templates, I’d appriciate it.