BRAVO-BRAVO-BRAVO - my 15 years away from Steinberg is OVER - BIG revelations!

A quick… wOw…

TOPLINE ‘my opinion’: give Steinberg and VST LIVE a bit of time and my prediction is a whole lotta happy.
I just watched the demo video again … S L O W L Y and Observantly. Not my usual way. heh-heh

I haven’t been a Steinberg Customer since the start of the millienium…
Have Nuendo and Cubase 4 dongles from way back…

So… yep, there’s quite a few ways to use one’s DAW as the live performance brain
for the ENTIRE BAND. And, a few very good LIVE VST hosts, as many of you know.

I could write pages on my own passion for “the idea” and efforts towards performing live with my DAW… AND/OR, actually committing myself to trusting/mastering the use of one of the 3-ish VST live performance hosts, that existed before VST LIVE PRO – errr…, and still do-)

If I had more time this post might be considered more interesting. Rushing a bit. Sorry.

Here’s the upshot.

I’m switching to CUBASE 12, and am very surprised to realize that, sure, Cubase may not be super “trendy” as it’s been around for 3 plus decades, for one) … though wow, works great, and as I’m discovering, getting over my entrenched biases ~>

ALL BECAUSE OF VST LIVE PRO – i’m not “imagining” that I’ll someday get my DAW to work live is proving to be very satisfying (READ: relaxing).

WAY simpler to work with CUBASE “and” VST LIVE.

And CUBASE itself means, less time tweaking the DAW and WAY more productivity. (for ME that is - and I’m WAY geeky. “Geeky” is part of my problem asI’d always been ‘tweaking-the-geek’ with my DAW before CUBASE 12)

I’ll likely come back to edit this post as I’m not feeling particularly like feeling/thinking-hard/writing right now.


Just watched the demo video again…slowly.

I want to see VST LIVE go from strength to strength…