Bravo Dorico

Well done on releasing 4.0.30. Amazing and brilliant hard work, and most appreciated.

I guess the Play Mode section of the manual will be along to the party a bit later in the evening, or have I missed something? In the meantime we can continue to refer to the 3.5 manual for this, is that correct?

The Dorico 4 Operation Manual does not yet contain any information about the new Play mode. For the time being, you should refer to the Dorico 4 Version History PDF for information about Play mode.

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Thanks - give us an inch and we want a mile! But seriously, warm thanks for this new release.


Presumably you have heard the rest of the proverb (the modern version):

…give them an inch, they want a foot.
Give them a foot, they want a yard.
Give them a yard, they want a pool in it.