This change in Steinberg’s license management is igniting users. Subscription system implied, obligation to connect to the Internet and other complaints.

Individuals are never satisfied. I have read on this forum many complaints about the obligation to use a USB stick as a system for activating and using Steinberg products, and now that Steinberg wants to get rid of it for a better adapted system. in this day and age, DON’T TOUCH MY DONGLE … I would be willing to put my hand in the fire that those who criticize this change are the same ones who vociferated against this dongle system.

The requirement to connect to the Internet seems to frustrate many of you. I do not understand. All those in this Thread who criticize this obligation have had to connect to the Internet to express their dissatisfaction. What is the problem? Also, no one will convince me that professional recording studios never connect to the Internet in order to access important updates to their software …

Annual subscription implied. Personally, I subscribe annually since versions 7 - 7.5 - 8 - 8.5. . . 10.5 - 11. I will continue to update Cubase to version 12 and probably 12.5, 13, etc. Even though Cubase is never completely perfect, I like to have the latest innovations and the latest software fixes. For those who will update to version 12 and who will decide not to update any more, STEINBERG has never mentioned anywhere that there would be no more possibility to use the software and that it will not support it anymore.

Why be so off-putting to change? For my part, I welcome this as an expected and favorable change. I trust the integrity of the company.

For those who threaten to leave Steinberg and go to other companies, I send you my best regards and I wish you good luck!

Well done Steinberg for daring this change!


there are already topics about that… chime in there… no need for another one

What I understand from your remark is that you intend to never update Cubase again and take advantage of the innovations offered with future versions. It is a choice that I respect.

However, Steinberg never mentioned that he would no longer support C11, nor that he was permanently shutting down the servers associated with the use of the Dongle.

Like any other Steinberg product, it will be supported for a period of time, months, years and eventually archived.

let them know how to

from your remark is that you intend to never update Cubase

You are wrong. Ignore my message.

I think it’s an awesome move. I’m now really thinking of updating to 11 from 7 so I get 12 next year.

Way to go, Steiny!

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Welcome to 2021 and 2022 Phillipus!

I am sure you will not be disappointed.

I am a die-hard Cubase fan despite its imperfections. Like all existing software on the market, it has its strengths and weaknesses. For my part, it has always allowed me to carry out my musical projects from creation, mixing and even mastering.

Is its use always without frustration? No! There is always room for improvement. Steinerg isn’t the perfect company either, but for a few decades now they’ve been honest and straight with me, whether it’s software support or licensing. So I continue to trust them.

Thanks Rene_L.

I started with Cubase in 1997. Went through various versions and different hardware - Cubase VST 3.5, 3.7, 5, SX 1, 2, 3 versions and also Nuendo for a little while. Then I dropped out of using DAWs for some time.

Funny thing is, back in the old Cubase forums pretty much everyone complained about the dongle and wished for an alternative!

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Just keep in mind - if you don’t renew your bought licence all 30 days via internet , you won’t be able to use it, even you own it! - pretty a preparation step for a 30 days subscription model??


No one EVER SAID, we want it to phone home every 30 days or not function.

No dongle sure, That ^. nope

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They have offered a way to activate a license via a second computer that lasts a year offline. Honestly I find that this is a very reasonable compromise to get rid of the dreadful dongle. People always want more. They could also give away Cubase for free of course and I bet people would still ask for extra gifts. I agree with Steinberg on this one.


I think this topic has probably run its course, so I am going to close it now.

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