Daniel and team,

I have been a supporter of this project since I heard of it, so many years ago. At every turn you guys have impressed me (and I am sure others, as well) with the level of detail and forward thinking that is very much a part of Dorico. After seeing the update, I am once again amazed at the work you guys are doing! I know people have complained about not having this, or not having that. But hopefully people are seeing the methodical work, and the improvements being made. It certainly is not thrown together hastily.

Congratulations on the excellent update, and I am looking forward to using it when I get home from work!!!


Well said Robby!

Fantastic, hard work.
Congrats to the whole team!

I just wanted to add my vote of appreciation for the Dorico team. I’ve seen a lot of major software updates come by in the 29 years since I bought my first computer and I’ve seldom seen such an impressive list of new features and fixes. In addition, such an impressive list only a month after the first release has to be a premiere!

Yes brilliant! Thanks Daniel & team. Installed very quickly & easily.

Staccato playback is now working - and much else too; it’s obviously a major step up.

BUT still no 1st & 2nd time repeat bars. Oh well I’m sure it’ll come. Also pasting cues in parts.Those are my 2 main wishes for the NEXT update!

When we realise how seriously the Dorico team takes in properly implementing the program’s functions, it’s easier to be patient when expecting updates!

Installed easily & speedily, and it worked 1st time - no problems at all. Updates I was looking for too.

Thank you Daniel & the Dorico crew.


Nice update. Thanks.

When Dorico was first announced for the last quarter of 2016, I assumed I would be buying it for Christmas. So a wonderful surprise when it appeared in October! Then, the first update was announced by the end of November - and it’s out on Black Friday! Thanks Dorico and Steinberg, for this beautiful and inspiring creative tool.

excellent update instalment covering multiple fronts, an encouraging and highly appreciated effort!

I generally like the update as well, especially the much snappier performance and the transposition functions. However I am experiencing issues with staccato playback, accents, (both don’t happen reliably) and bass instruments still playing back too low (always). Now, I am almost certain that at least some of this is not the update’s fault- the bass instruments playing too low despite the fact that this bug is explicitly listed as resolved in the changelog seems very odd.
But in general, it’s indeed a feeling of a team taking the users’ feedback really seriously, and working tirelessly to enhance the program. That’s great.

To quote steve4cello
BUT still no 1st & 2nd time repeat bars. Oh well I’m sure it’ll come. Also pasting cues in parts.Those are my 2 main wishes for the NEXT update![/quote]

I am wondering whether it’s the repeat playback options that are holding back first and second time bars from being added in this release. It is a really basic need and at this point I’m still having to use sibelius as a result. I’m enjoying getting used to using Dorico though, and look forward to it being my main engraving software in the end.