Bravura issue?

UPDATE: this is happening for all files.

When I try to update the attached file to Bravura (which I thought it already was), I get this:


Loves Redeeming Work Is Done (Savannah)_ACNA.dorico (656.6 KB)

Have you created/used any custom noteheads?

The project opened with normal noteheads for me, until I went to Library > Music Fonts… , Bravura , OK. Then they all changed to as in your picture.

When I selected all and then Edit > Notations > Notehead > Reset to Default Notehead, that seemed to fix the problem.

If you’re on Windows, maybe a restart to (hopefully) fix any font cache problems.

Another method which also seemed to work was changing to another font in Library > Music Fonts… (OK’ing the choice and then re-opening the dialog) and then changing back to Bravura.

I opened your file Dan, it looks fine on my macOS running Dorico v4.3.30.1132.

Another workaround would be to make a new empty score, and export the library for example as Bravura_default.doricolib then open your faulty score and load/apply the .doricolib file. At least this will turn everything to default.

As it did on my Mac, also running Dorico v4.3.30.1132, until I went to Library > Music Fonts… and clicked on OK.

It opened OK for me without going to Library > Music Fonts… Weird!

Right, that’s what he meant. Me too. The file looks fine until I explicitly reset it to Bravura. Not sure what I did originally to cause it…

OT: It still is astonishingly readable.

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That was was I thought too!!! Kinda elegant.

BTW, this notation is occasionally used in French baroque music. For example here in Charpentier.

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It’s your Larger Notehead set.
Your Half note head is set for use with durations shorter than and equal to half a note.

If it’s happening for all files, you’ve saved it as your default!

There is a weird thing where Dorico doesn’t actually follow Notehead customizations until you re-apply the Music Font. For instance, new documents using Sebastian use Bravura’s stem positions until you set the font again.

NB: Also “pened” should be on the beat in the penultimate bar.