Bravura Text bold bracket not exporting

I used a Bravura Text glyph for this lyric bracket and made it bold, which really made it pop:

But when I export to PDF, it doesn’t export as bold:

Am I missing something?

There isn’t a Bold style of the font. QT still offers you Bold, Italic and Bold Italic, even if you haven’t got those styles, and ‘fakes’ them by increasing the stroke or slanting the characters, like it was 1992. But that doesn’t always carry through to PDF or printers.

I knew about Oblique as a fake, but not bold. Ah, sadness. Does anyone know of a similar glyph in another music font that would be nice and bold like the one I used?

The Gonville-Brace font is just braces.

Thanks, I’ll check it out.