"Bravura text" font: Entering "recommended symbols" in a text document

I would like to enter the “recommended symbols” as shown here:
in a TextEdit document. I know how to enter the “normal” Unicode symbols, but how to enter these 2 symbols I couldn’t figure out yet. Does anybody know where I can find documentation on how to enter such symbols? Or maybe explain how it is done? Thank you!

On a side note: What do the moderators of this forum think about the idea to add “Bravura” and/or “font” to the list of tags here on the forum?

Try copying the symbols on that page and then pasting them into a TextEdit document. You will need to change the font to Bravura Text and probably increase the font size quite a lot.

Does that work in your case? Because it does not in my case (I of course tried before posting).

I needed to select the symbols after pasting, then change the font.

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Yes, indeed! I didn’T observe the change of the selected font, since I thought that wouldn’t happen being in an all-Bravure-font text file. But it did! Thank you very much, @StevenJones01 !

I still would love to know that the keyboard combination is to enter such a symbol manually?

Because the Qt framework on which Dorico relies does not support stylistic alternates, those characters are in Bravura’s private use area. The character pluckedSnapPizzicatoBelowGerman has unicode value U+F432 and pluckedSnapPizzicatoAboveGerman has unicode value U+F433.

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