Bravura text font - issue with temp text

Hi, If I select Bravura Text as my text font, I notice that inputting (for example) q=72 in the tempo pop-over produces quarter note symbol space 72. That is, no equals (=) sign is shown. However, if I choose the usual Academico font (ie the default) there is not issue - quarter note symbol = 72 appears (showing the = sign) as expected.
Please - is this a known issue? am I doing something wrong? is there a work round?

I am using Dorico 4.3.11, on a MacBook Pro running MacOS Ventura 13.0.1 with Intel silicon (2.3 GHz 8-Core Intel Core i9) etc.


Bravura Text is not an alphabetic font; it is a version of Bravura sized for use within text. Use Academico or any English font, and Bravura text for any inserted music symbols.

Thanks @Mark_Johnson - I thought something was “odd”. I’ll stick with Academico as per your advice.