Changing fonts after selecting the text (tool shift+x), it works with ‘text fonts’ (Arial, Optima, Times, etc.), but not with some ‘music fonts’ (e.g., it works with Broadway Copist, Finale fonts, Opus, November, it doesn’t work with Bravura or Bravura Text).

This problem is also reflected in the way the utility PopChar behaves. With Academico, for example, I’m able to type trough PopChar but if I change to ‘Music text’ (Bravura text), it doesn’t work anymore (or only with a few characters).

In my system (OS X 10.11.6) Bravura (1.210) and Bravura Text (1.204) are inside HD/Library/Fonts.
I had a previous installation. Maybe went something wrong with the Dorico installer?
Moreover, to check my system, I’d like to know which is the path where Dorico installs the fonts to check my system.

Thanks for any help

The big difference between Bravura/Bravura Text and other music fonts is that SMuFL-compliant fonts use code points in the private use area whereas the others all use a variety of Latin 1-like encodings. I find that I’m able to paste characters from Bravura/Bravura Text into the text popover just fine, but it doesn’t work with the Unicode Hex Input input method editor provided by macOS. I haven’t tried PopChar, but provided it’s basically doing a paste operation it should work fine.

Hi Daniel,

Indeed, PopChar identifies nearly all characters as belonging to the privare users area. And it refuses to past them, thus reducing possibilities to only the seven symbols out of the private area.

In short, please forgive my naive question but… how do you paste characters from Bravura/Bravura Text?
The only way I found is to write the symbols inside another app where PopChar works (e.g. Scribus or Affinity Designer) and then to copy them inside the text tool. It seems to me a little bit convoluted…


I don’t think it’s a naïve question at all. We will try to make it possible to use the standard Mac way of typing in Unicode code points using the Unicode Hex Input method. In the meantime I think you will have to copy and paste from another application.