break beams/remove stems from slashes?

Quick couple of questions regarding slashes: The attached image was created using alternating slash regions and a slash voice. The result is close to what I want, but it’s not quite there yet. I only need the sixteenth anticipation into beat 3 articulated, everything else can be stemless slashes. Apparently, It’s not possible to drag a slash region partway over a beat, so I’m left with a beamed dotted eighth (beat 2 of the bar) attached to the 16th, which I don’t want.

First question: Is it possible to un-beam beat 2 and remove its stem?

Second question: I’d also like to remove the stem of beat 3 as well, and I can do this easily enough be dragging my slash region handle to include this entire beat, unfortunately, when I do this, the tie of the anticipation into it is removed, so that’s no good either. I want the tie.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

I usually write this stuff using a normal slash voice, and hide the desired stems using the properties panel in Engrave mode.

You can right click and Beam / make Unbeamed, and then hide the stems in Engrave mode.

That will give you the attachment. I’m not sure from your first post if you wanted to get rid of the rhythm dot as well - IMO without the dot, the bar would seem to have “four and a quarter beats” in it.

Rob, this image is exactly what I’m trying to produce. Yes I desperately need the dot there, just not the beam or stem . Thank you!

If you want the tie, you’ll need to use a laissez vibrer tie. You can move it backwards in Engrave mode.

Another trick you might find useful is that you can split a slash region anywhere. Select one of the rests and press U, which will divide the slash region into two regions, which you can drag apart to insert a slash note or whatever you want.