Break two bars within a system (just as a break before Coda)


What is the best way to do the following?

I will input the word “Trio” by pressing Alt + Shift + x.
However, I have no idea to break two measures: the last bar in the previous section and the first bar of the trio section.

By selecting Coda in the “Repeat Section” from the “Repeat Structures”, the coda section begins separately.
However, it does not happen when selecting “Fine”.

I have changed the title of the thread.
In the example attached above, there is a break between two bars in the middle of one system.
Is there any way to do it not by inputting a Coda symbol?

Well, if you wanted to, you could just input the Coda symbol and hide it using the Properties menu. You can also change the gap to look closer to your example by setting the “Default gap before mid-system coda section” (found in Engraving Options, under Repeat Sections) to a larger number (I used 17 spaces in this example). The attachment shows the “CODA” flag, which will be hidden when printed.
Screen Shot 2019-01-16 at 8.40.00 PM.png

This is, in fact, currently the only way to accomplish a mid-system break. It’s a workaround, but not at all difficult.

I suppose it could also be achieved with a different flow and a page override, but that would be a little more involved.

Pain in the neck, that. You’d have to set up a music frame that began partway through the system, and another immediately below it for the next full system. Much easier to hide a coda. In fact, you can use this method ad infinitum. I used it repeatedly for a large project of sight-singing exercises. Probably a hundred codas…