Breaking out a track's L-R information to separate busses

Hey everyone, I’m working in Cubase 8 on Mac.

I’m attempting to use the Waves MS Matrix with some stereo audio. For those who don’t know, the MS Matrix converts the stereo information from left and right into mid and side. You can then send the information out to separate busses for processing. This is used quite easily in Pro Tools with Avid’s “Aux” busses. See video:

One limitation in Cubase is that you can’t set the input of a given Group or FX channel as the L or R output of another channel (like setting the input to ONLY the left side of a stereo output from another channel). Again, see the video where the L output of a stereo track is routed to one Aux track and the R output is routed to two others.

I did notice that Cubase added a panner for the sends in the channel strip, but it seems like it just moves ALL of the information to one side, instead of sending ONLY the L or R side to the selected send. Does anyone have any advice for doing this? I’ve been using Cubase since SX[1] and I don’t think I’ve ever done this before.

If you require any kind of clarification, please ask.
Thanks so much!


I’m not sure, if I fully understand your question. Try this…

Open Channel Settings window of the tracks, where your plug-in sits. In the left part (Inserts) switch down to the Routing tab. Here, you can set up the routing thru the plug-in. So you can select “Mono”, and set just the L channel is routed thru the plug-in.

Is this what you are looking for?