breaking the dynamics link between parts

I’m editing an orchestral piece. I entered the Violin 1 part. Violin 2 is similar so I copied and pasted (using Alt - click), to avoid having to enter the whole thing again, and am adjusting the notes etc as required.

What I find is if I adjust the dynamics in one part, they’re adjusted in the other. How do I break that link? Even if I delete the relevant bar in Violin 2, the link is not broken - as soon as I enter notes and enter dynamics, they appear in both parts. I can see it’s useful in some places but not all.

Have you tried “unlink dynamics” in the context menu?

I have now! Thanks (as ever).

Bizarrely, the longest bit was finding where to do this. I haven’t actually found the context menu yet, but I did it via Edit -> Dynamics etc. There are numerous references to the context menu in the help files and ops manual, but nowhere that says where/what it is.

Sorry to be blunt, but if you search Google (or Wikipedia) for ‘context menu’, you immediately find that the context menu is the thing you get when you right-click.
You’ll find a lot of things from the Edit menu again there.

Thanks! Fair point; though as I was searching for information relating to Dorico, it frankly didn’t occur to me that it was a generic thing and that I should be Googling instead. In 25 years of using desktop computers, it’s simply not a term I’ve ever come across; I obviously live a lonely life.
I can now see that in some places in the manuals, we are told to right-click and that we’ll then see the context menu; that makes a helpful connection.

Watch the last video (about arranging tools). It’s been out for a couple of hours now. I think Anthony Hughes uses three or four times this “context menu” expression. I use this tool a lot. In fact, I never go to the edit menu (I created a keyboard shortcut to remove rests and everything else is in the context menu)