Breaking up multi-rests for a single layout

Is there a better way yet of splitting multi-rests for a single layout than adding blank text into the part?

Yes: Engrave mode, select a barline, then Engrave menu > Split Multi-bar rest.

But there’s no barline to grab, it’s a multi-bar rest

Then switch off consolidation of multi-bar rests temporarily.
Or maybe try this: add the Split at a visible barline, then go to Write Mode and move the split to the desired barline by Alt-arrow along the rhythmic grid.

(BTW: it’s strange that one can only add a split in Engrave mode, but not delete it. That’s only possible in Write mode. FR: maybe also allow this in Engrave mode.)

(Split multi-bar rest works on all layouts, not just the one being viewed currently.)

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There needs to be an easier way to get truly fixed bars per system. Right now if I set up the layout for four bars per system, I don’t get that, as multi-bar rests are treated as a single bar. If I have twenty bars of rest, I want five systems of four bar multi-rests, not a single system with a 20 bar multi-rest.

This makes things way easier in rehearsal when we need to start/stop in random places. We don’t waste time having musicians figure out where in a long sequence of rests we are.


In that case, rehearsal marks every 4 bars (perhaps showing the bar number) would be appropriate.

Perhaps adding some cues might help?

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