Breakout MIDI Learn and others


(1) VST Viewer
I cannot find a way to get the VST viewer to learn MIDI events for “PREV” and “NEXT” page (or assign it any way)
I click on “LEARN” and select the button I would like to assing the next MIDI event (e.g. a “note on”). But nothing happens (?)
Is there another way to assign MIDI events to prev/next ?
(and : yes the PDF has more pages, I can step them using the VST Viewers screen buttons (but this is not the way I’d like).

(2) Colors possible in layers ?
Is it possible to mark layers with colors ? (of show some kind of icons in its minimized state). That would be helpful to keep overview.

(3) filter on non-default settings in layer controller map
Is it possible to optionally filter the controller list to show only these controllers that are not routed “1:1” (= then small ones that I’ve re-routed, blocked oder set a default values).
or : at least can you give a different color to the non-default ones ?
That would save much time when identifying controller problems.

(4) block aftertouch
can I block MIDI aftertouch sent by the keyboard via layer controller map ?

Thanks and let me say …
after some months of frustration and experimental usage I’ll take VST tomorrow for the first rehearsal. We come closer to a useful solution. for live keyboarding.


Hi @gerhard.kiessling,

You are running version 1.0.50? That’s what I am doing. I load the VST Viewer, press the LEARN Button, then the NEXT Button and it looks like this

The NEXT Button is now waiting for an incoming MIDI Signal. If it was successful it will show you the MIDI Event. In that MIDI Note 72 for NEXT. 60 was already assigned for PREV. Now I can PREV/NEXT the pages of the PDF file.

You also assign a MIDI Input?

Your Connect setup has a the real MIDI device?

Hm, not sure … You can change the color of your MIDI Input and Outputs in the Connection Setup. I’ve selected the color yellow for MIDI In 1 and red for MIDI In 2.

And if a layer is connected to those inputs it will be like this

Is that what you are looking for?

… good one! We’ll add your color-suggestion.

… yes, that’s missing. We’ll add it. Thank you for pointing to it.

Cool! That’s great to hear. Maybe you can tell us your experience?

See you,


perfect !

thanks for the reply.
Problem was the missing MIDI input in the viewers mail panel.

Regarding live experience I’ll send you an PN.