BreakTweaker multitrack out?

Hi guys,

I’m new to the forum and pretty much new to digital audio production.
I’m really satisfied with cubase so far but I ran into a problem and just can’t find the solution.

I’m using iZotope’s BreakTweaker for creating beats. Within the plugin there are 6 tracks for bass, kick, synth sound and whatever. I can record these 6 traces to one vst instrument track in cubase but I want to split them, so I can have 6 tracks for the 6 sounds that BreakTweaker produces.
My problem: I just can’t get it to work.

What I’ve done is:

  1. Create BreakTweaker VST instrument track.
  2. Enable all 6 Aux outputs:

I then see the AUX tracks in the mixer:

But how do I record these separate tracks?
I tried to send them to several different midi, audio whatever tracks, but nothing seems to work.

I hope you guys can help me out here.

Thanks in advance for the replies!

After activating the outputs as you’ve done, you’ll presumably still need to assign each element to it’s own aux output from inside breaktweaker. Once you have each element on it’s own channel (the aux channels visible in your mixer) you can use export audio mixdown/batch export to create audio if that’s what you want to work with.

That’s kind of my problem. I did assign each element to it’s own aux output from inside breaktweaker:

I can’t do more in the plugin itself.

I don’t know how I can make it happen that the aux tracks show up in my work area - or how to record their signal.

Thank’s I got it done with the export funktion.

I wonder if there’s a way to record the BreakTweaker beat to separate channels on the fly - without having to do a export?

Not sure if this is what you mean by “on the fly” but you can record live by using phantom buses…see this video around 1:55.