Breath Control Ewi cc2 ignored

This is key for ewi players: Testing has shown that cc2 midi messages are ignored. I do not see a feature request forum so posting here. Although it may seem like a rare find for people needing cc2 to be mapped to velocity, it renders midi control useless for those who play ewi or use keyboard controllers that send cc2.

Please include prior to next release. If you need people to test, let me know.

Hi buttonStick,

Thanks for your feedback!
I just added that to our feature request list!

Maybe this renders my question not relevant, but I play EWI also, and would like to use H5 standalone on gigs (so I can change patches with a FCB1010). I have tried inserting cc mapper and routing cc2 to main volume, but it still doesn’t let me change volume after initially triggering the sample. If you are right, this is impossible. Is that right? If so, it is a glaring under-site. I hope Steiny will do something about this soon. :cry:

Hi comsax1,

Are you using Cubasis or Halion 5? This is the Cubasis forum. If you mean Halion please post in the Halion forum.
Cubasis 1.8 will support MIDI CC’s so breath control instruments using CC’s should be supported.