Breath Mark and Fermata on a Single Note

If a note already has a breath mark, adding a fermata to it works however the fermata sign on this note will not be displayed. (if the piece is for multiple instruments, fermata appears on other staves).

It would be great if you can make it so that both fermata and breath marks can be attached AND displayed to a single note. The reason is that a composer might want to indicate a short pause/breath after a fermata. I know that there are work arounds to achieve this but it would be nice if Dorico could by default do this.


This is indeed something that a few others have remarked in the past as well; there is a relatively easy workaround in the meantime: simply pull up the caret and advance by an 8th or 16th and put the fermata there. As long as they are one rhythmic unit apart (no matter how small) then you can display them both.

Thank you, that is probably the most elegant workaround! Hope this will be supported out of the box soon.