Breath mark playback duration

I’d like breath marks in a piano piece to ‘play back’, in the sense that they represent a (very short) hiatus. But, although fermatas have a selectable duration, breath marks and caesuras don’t, as far as I can see, so I’m seeking a workaround. I’d appreciate any suggestions gladly.

Playback of holds and pauses hasn’t yet been implemented (regardless of what type of hold or pause).

You can draw a steep trough into the tempo track in Play mode, but that’s about it for now.

Thanks. I’ll investigate the Play mode route.

It sounds as if your version of the breath mark would only work if everyone in the orchestra breathed at the same time. Of course that is not always–I would say is seldom–the case, which complicates how Dorico would have to implement it when they do.

I am not against using breath marks as you suggest, as one option, but I imagine the Dorico Team would want a more flexible implementation when they finally do it (perhaps two separate playback techniques).

I wouldn’t use a breath mark in anything but a solo piece, but it I think it’s fairly common in the piano repertoire. (But I haven’t checked this.)

In the context I was working on, it was too tight a fit to put a slower tempo in without making it extend the duration of the crotchet (shown), so I got what I wanted by shortening the sounding notes of the chord, creating a gap in the Time track, then positioning the slower tempo bit to cover the gap and also part of the chord (so as to restore its sounding duration). It works, but have I over-engineered it?