Breath marks invisible


two kind of strange quirks occured to me. I attached the project.

In bar 13 in galley view the upbow breath mark is displayed, but when switching to page view, it is invisible.

Also when i try to add a comma breath mark to the whole-note-tied-to-the-quarter-note in bar 14 (Alto), it doesn’t appear at all. I can’t add it/it’s invisible.

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God_be_in_my_head-02.dorico (1.2 MB)


Cut the breath mark to the clipboard, then how the caret and position it at the start of bar 14, then paste. The breath mark will appear in the same place, but now it will appear in page view as well as in galley view.

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It can also be moved without having to cut and paste using CtrlAlt (Windows, or ⌘⌥→ on Mac). Set the grid resolution so you can reach the desired beat.

(Thanks to Leo for explaining this keystroke to me. It’s in the docs here, under #3.)