Breath Reduction Macro

Hi folks,

I need a little help setting up a macro for breath reduction. I’ve tried before, but could never get it to work properly.

Range tool / split range / -10dB clip volume reduction / crossfade

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I hardly dare to ask - but have you ever tried Waves’ DeBreath or iZotope’s Breath Control? I know, 3rd party stuff, but real time-savers.

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My favorite’s DeBreath from Waves.

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Thanks for the replies, guys. The ‘automated’ plugins are great mostly. Unfortunately I work a great deal with our indigenous languages here in South Africa (Xhosa, being one of them). The languages have awesome tongue clicks and phonetics and often rely on breaths as part of the expression. Most of the time de-clickers, de-noisers and de-breath are impossible to use. It just takes a lot of manual editing and knowledge to know what to keep. :slightly_smiling_face:

The macro would be great for this…

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Wow … a beautiful example of how much there is to take care for when developing audio tools. Very enlightening, thanks.

Good luck!

Yes, it is interesting! We have 11 official languages including Khiosan, one of the oldest languages in the world.

Thanks for the wishes Dietz!

For dialog and voiceover in Spanish or American English I find that the de-breath offerings from Waves or Izotope remove or truncate soft consonant starts and ends like “F’s” and “S’s”. Human voice dynamics can go from hard to soft and back, not really possible in my experience to find a setting that doesn’t cause me to go back in and do a lot of fixes and at that point I’d rather do it all by hand so I don’t miss anything. john

I hear you John! We’re in the same boat

No doubt about that! OTOH, I couldn’t care less when I sit in front of 48 tracks of backing vocals which need to get cleaned quickly. :sunglasses:

Good point, if I was doing music I am sure I would feel the same!

I just use the old fashioned method.
-Assign Keycommand to “Gain”
-set DOP to Auto apply

===> Use range tool to select the breath
===>Hit key Command


Thanks Fredo!! I was hoping to hear from you :+1: