Breathing(?) sound engine?

I’ve begun a project in 13.0.10 (and now continuing in 13.0.20)

There’s some background noise from limiters compressors and such with reverb tails. That’s to be expected.

But sometimes, when I stop playback and relocate to another point, the tails run, fade, and at some point - here’s the problem - the sound vanishes for some time (around half a second?) and then comes back from where it was before the “breath” and contines to fade out.

Before gutting the project and checking all the plug-ins one by one, because that’s where I suspect that the problem lies, has anyone perchance already stumbled upon this phenomenon and knows what’s it about?

Maybe that got something to do with VST3 suspension and “analog” noise leaking.
Does it happen, if you remove the VST3 suspension?

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I don’t know, but I will try it out and come back with the results. A good idea.