Breve rests in parts

I have a score of Bach’s Ricercar a 6 from Musical Offering, where the time signature is 2+2/2, and in notation options I have set Rests-> Bar rests design in long time signatures to breve rests. This seems to work fine in the score, but in my parts, I am getting whole rests, not breve rests. I’ve tried various permutations of rest design in Engraving options and it doesn’t seem to make any difference. Currently I’m using: Rest type for single bar rests: Show bar rest / Bar count for single bar rests: No bar count.

Also, I tried 4/2 time sig instead of 2+2/2, and it makes no difference.

Is this a bug? Or is there some option I’m missing?

I tried attaching my Dorico file but it is too big for the forum (3 MB). If you want to look at my dorico file, send me a PM with your email and I will send you a Google Drive link.

Did you set the notation options for ALL the layouts? By design, you can have different options for different layouts.

Select the layouts you want to change on the on the right hand side of the Notation Options dialog before you apply the changes. There is a “select all” button at the bottom of the list.

If you need to trim it down, switch to Play mode, and from the Play menu–Playback template, select “Silence.” It’ll shave off probably 90% of the file size.

Oh, and you have to zip it before you upload. The forum won’t accept .dorico files.

I don’t see setting options for all layouts, only all flows (and I only have one). See screenshot.

Thanks for that trick, Dan. I’m attaching it here.
bach musical offering ricercar6 d sextet (484 KB)

That’s correct, Notation Options are on a flow basis, not layouts.

I took a look. FWIW, I don’t see anything wrong with your settings. You’re right, the double-whole rest is displaying correctly in the score, but not in the parts.

I’m voting that it’s a bug.

Oops. Ignore me, I just had a brain fart. Sorry about that :blush:

Does it work if turn off the option to consolidate multirests?
(Layout Options > Players > Bar Rests & multi-bar rests)

I’m wondering if this is a side-effect of (even) single bar rests being considered by Dorico to be multi-rests…

I tried that. Oddly enough, it does turn the rests into double-whole rests, but then you lose the multi-bar rests in the parts.

This is indeed a small bug, which we’ll take care of in a future update. Unfortunately I’m afraid there’s no workaround for the time being.

Thanks all. @Daniel, is there any way to get notified of the progress of bugs? Do you have a public JIRA or similar?

No, we don’t have a public bug tracker. We do print comprehensive lists of all of the issues fixed in each release, though, which you will find in the Dorico Version History PDF.