Hi I’m in considering crossing to nuendo 10.3 from Cubase Pro 10.5
I’ve noticed that in Nuendo with HiDpi setting turned on that my Reverb Foundry M7 Link Plugin GUI
does not scale correctly and some controls are not visible.

This is not the case with Cubase Pro 10.5

Has anyone esle noticed this, or is it just some quirk of my setup?


Nuendo 10.3 is the same base as Cubase 10.5, so if it is working in Cubase 10.5, most likely it will work with Nuendo 10.3 too.

I would recommend to download Nuendo 10.3 Trial.

Hi Martin
thanks for the reply - that’s what I’ve done and that’s what’s curios - it doesnt.
I’ve figured out that it has something to do with the Hidpi setting.
In Cubase 10.5 with Hidpi all is fine - in Nuendo 10.3 with Hidpi settings the GUI doesn’t show properly.
if I turn the Hidpi setting off in Nuendo it looks as it should and all the GUI controls are visable.
I wrote to the plugin manufacturer - as all my other plugin gui’s look fine in Hidpi mode in Nuendo - He said the problem lay with Steinberg, naturally as ALL my other plugins were fine I was skeptical , a rather expensive plugin that doesnt work properly - as he wasnt particularly helpful , I would warn others about buying this plugin for their Bricasti Reverb to be externally linked to Nuendo.