Bright Quick Future?

Hi everyone,
May be I am only guy with such idea in my head…but I want to share it.
Since Nuendo 6 appear I permanently was trying to move on it from my Nuendo 5 but there are always some bugs and issues which makes me back on 5. On the forum often I noticed topics like “when next Nuendo will come?..” It’s Ok but it looks like we makes Steinberg team to rush and to fulfil all our wishes. I think it’s impossible. May be better to have stable working DAW with rare updates then permanenly renewed program with a rotating problems?
If someone think the same way please reply).

I am on 5.5 and it super stable for me. I always worked with stable versions, running on stable hardware.

It is an individual decision to get an upgrade or not, I personally skipped N4 entirely, working a very long time with N3, until N5 came along.
N6 doesn´t have project window visibility management yet, so I´ll wait until N6.5 to get the upgrade.

I do hope they add some additional useful features which are not in Cubase.

Sadly no. I rarely come here any more. Problems get posted, and either nothing is done about them, or it takes forever for them to get fixed in a later point release. Sometimes they’re not even acknowledged at all. Every once in a while someone from Steinberg actually posts some feedback about the status of things, giving us hope they’re becoming more active in the discussions and then they crawl right back into long periods of silence.

The argument of making a program stable before new features are introduced is a very old one. Fundamentally it’s a commercial directive that keeps it so. Apparently, it’s not commercially viable to just fix problems. It’s a good thing NASA and the military don’t think that way, but then, they DO have large publicly funded budgets…

I think a lot of people are disheartened with the way things work around here. So no you’re not alone! I have N6 and I haven’t worked with it at all; there are too many issues that affect me. It’s sad but at the end of the day, it’s about getting work done and as long as it’s possible to do that, I get on with life. Active protests, expressions of frustration, observations about operational deficiencies, and even efforts to point the way to better workflow optimizations have all yielded little in results except generating more frustration and anxiety.

I gave up. Steinberg, you win: I don’t care. Congratulations.

Well said - that’s pretty much how I feel. Even the long-awaited AAF fixes in v6.0.7 were apparently only half done and more work will be done on it for v6.5 (seemingly a paid update!).

BTW, I wanted to write ‘half-c*cked’ but the language filter changed it to ‘rock’, so have settled on ‘half done’ :laughing:

Me too, and 5.5.6 is super-stable here

N4 was hard to get to grips with after N3, but I have to say that 4.3 was incredibly stable for me.
I do not understand what you mean about “Project Window Visibility Management” though - can you please elaborate?

This is always the case so no problems there. :slight_smile:

First SB introduced show/hide of mixer tracks in N6.0 but that was not what I actually needed, so what is now in Cubase 7.5 is show/hide visibility management also of tracks in the project window. Been waiting for this for years…!

here a quick overview:

OK: that’s pretty awesome. I’ve been waiting to link the project page view to the mixer view for years. Thanks for pointing this out.

So Steinberg IS listening… hmm… I guess it just takes a really looooooooooooooooooong time. It looks like corporate time is quite different from human time.

Funny: I didn’t move to N5 till the 5.5 release. Looks like the same thing’s going to happen with 6…