Bring Back Drag and Drop from Pool creates new tracks

In Cubase 9.5 Pro, you could select several files you had added to the pool, drag them ANYWHERE onto the Project window, a green line would appear for the target location (between existing tracks), and you would be prompted to add on one track or different tracks. The new tracks would appear nested in your selected folder with the same color applied (if your preferences are set that way).

In Cubase 10 Pro, if you select several files you have added to the pool, drag them to the Project window, the only place you can drop them to create new tracks is at the bottom of the project.

For example, if you want 10 impact sound effects from a Pool folder dropped into a green colored Folder Track in the middle of your project (labeled “glass impacts”), you have to drop them at the bottom of the project. The tracks are created with whatever color the bottom-most track is; you have to grab these new tracks and move them up the project window to drop into the Glass Impacts folder, and while they are selected, pull down the Select Color menu, and choose the green to match your folder.

**EDIT: I confirmed that using the Media Bay to drag into the Project does add the track(s) wherever I want, but this is by NO means a workaround. Using Media Bay, I navigated all the way through my PC to the audio files that were in the project folder (after they were dragged & dropped from Soundminer into the Pool) just to test.

Also, I am not running Cubase as Administrator (I saw posts over the years saying this would defeat drag and drop features). I momentarily tried running as Admin just for the science of it all, and had no different results.


There’s not a single reason why this feature should have been eliminated – I used it all of the time and now have to spend extra time scrolling to the bottom then moving the track back up. This is really bad in sessions with about 400 tracks, which are many of mine.

It works properly (though used to be better) from Media Bay in the right zone, but not the Pool anymore.

Bring it back please.