Bring back Embracer and friends!

The trusty old Embracer, Monologue and Tonic combo from way back would be a very welcome surprise in future updates. Retrologue is good, but its filter is nowhere near as smooth as the Monologue’s, and the Tonic standalone filter was a nice option when wanting to run something through its resonant overtones. To this day, it remains one of the best sounding analog modelling filters I’ve used.

And as for Embracer - there literally is no other synth quite like it. It’s simplicity, it’s unique concept, it’s surround sound capability, and the fact that it’s so easy to learn and use set it apart from a lot of standard synth designs. It’s a fantastic go-to for lush pads, strings and choral sounds, and it’s one of those instruments that becomes a natural part of your workflow landscape. I have tried a LOT of synth VSTs and sample libraries out over the last few years, and I still keep coming back to Embracer.

Release it as an “old school pack” or something, perhaps with an updated GUI and definitely with added 64 bit/intel compatibility, and thank me later when you make a bunch of money from something you discontinued for no good reason :slight_smile:

+1 :wink:


And what puzzles me is that they don’t work with jBridge.

I would love to have Embracer again. Even better would be to have the original sounds and features remade for Halion.

See this reference to an old post where Ed Doll confirms that nothing can be done for these old plugins as Steinberg do not own the source code.

Yeah, its was a big down that Embracer disappeared. Pin-pointed synths like Embracer are the best, where you dont have to scroll through endless shitty sounds to find what your looking for.

Even though Steinberg doesn’t own the source code, Im sure an embracer-like is not that hard to remake.

Agree so much.

Does anyone know of a way to load it within a host even? XT2 for example

To say I’m keen to not lose it is an understatement.

Bring back ModDelay too!

JBridge can’t wrap any of the old Steinberg plugins because they’re not implemented as standard VST plugins :frowning:


:frowning: …thanks

Yes, it was my go to for pads… :frowning:
I wish they could bring an updated version of it…

Yep, I’ve said it before, I’d be happy to pay for a re-release of some of the old Steinberg plugins. After all, Waves still punt their oldest plugins, updated for the latest OS’s and people still buy them and upgrade them.


quadrafuzz. :exclamation:

I would also pay to have Embracer, Monologue, and Tonic back. I got much use out of these back in the day. By contrast, I basically never touch Prologue, Mystic, or Spector, and despite finding uses for Retrologue I have never been in love with its sound (nor its awful, messy looking UI).

You can still use them. Your cubase 9 pro licence allowes you to use any old version. The Iso files are on the FTP server

You can then copy the dll files from a earlier install for the plugins into a cubase 8.5 32 install and most will work just fine!!!

Happy days!

Agreed. But most here were saying including myself that we’d like them to be available in the latest version.

+1 Embracer

Oh I see, they would have to reporgram them from scratch, as Perviously mentioned they have rights issues with the code. No reason they can’t remake them under different names with they own code. In addition id love to see the vocoder return!


The bridge in DDMF Metaplugin does not work either. Why can’t those plugins being bridged by 3rd party bridges?
What is different?
The old discontinued Steinberg VSTbridge can do it in 64bit Cubase 8.5 and earlier.