Bring back Local Undo to the midi editors

Please bring back the local undo function in the key editor!

This was a very useful function which I used all the time. I can see others have requested this feature too…



A bigly +1 …

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YES! +1

This feature is really important in my workflow as a filmcomposer and I have gone back to 9.5 because of it. Please fix this. At least make it optional!

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Yes. So much this.

Another year, another Cubase version, still no local undo :frowning:

Why was it removed in the first place?

Agree. PLEASE bring this back. It is keeping me from moving on from v10. It is a massive time saver and none of the new features are worth losing this. Please bring this back.

This issue has also been brought up on the weekly Club Cubase sessions on YouTube

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It doesn’t bode well that Steinberg wont even respond to Greg’s requests for comment. It’s extremely disappointing that this feature we all enjoyed and came to rely upon was nixed without any indication and when they’re questioned about it, they refuse to comment.



Removing “local undo” was indeed a very uncool decision to make. I vote for it as well

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please, please…

It’s badly missed indeed.

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