Bring back Local Undo

Why was this removed? Is this ever coming back? Still on 10, the latest versions have some cool new features and I’m thinking I’m holding on to my grace period update for nothing…



The removal of this feature makes working with lots of midi tracks so much more difficult, because sometimes you want to undo a change you made in a part you edited half an hour ago, without undo’ing everything else you did in the meantime.

Can we at least get a response from Steinberg on the reasoning behind silently throwing out this function from 10.5 onward?


Essential! Especially if it was already available!!!



One of Cubase’s most useful behaviours, suddenly removed without rhyme or reason. I would love to know why—we’ve been asking since Nov '19. Please bring it back. :slight_smile:

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Agreed. PLEASE bring this back, Steinberg. It is keeping me from moving on from v10. It is a massive time saver and none of the new features are worth losing this for me. Those of us who got used to this cannot understand why it was removed. Please bring this back.

This feature missing is why I am still on Cubase 8.5 and have held off on upgrading all this time.

I do not know the reason for canceling this feature, but it is very important. Do the developers not feel that it is an essential feature?, or are they waiting for us to write topics and vote?

It being removed silently actually caused me some issues when I was going in to parts and undoing things I had done on the arrange page.
Seems like a very odd feature to remove as I’m pretty sure no one asked for it to go.
See if they bring it back and shout about it like a new feature as they have with other features before.

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Hi all, a little update regarding the matter in case you haven’t heard.

Greg Ondo and Blakus have both been in contact with Steinberg about this issue, so they are DEFINITELY aware of it. Whether this ever gets fixed remains to be seen, but do bring this up every chance you get! I want those sweet mixer colors, but I ain’t sacrificing my local undo for that… :frowning:

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Can’t remember the last time I voted for any request - I voted for this one!

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This was such brilliant feature and very well essential for some. Just imagine adobe silently removes layers in their apps.

On the other hand Apple did remove the chord track in newer Logic versions or the database browser with Logic 8 and both never returned.

So +1 to bring such crucial workflow enhancements back.

Latest info on this as of today’s session with Greg Ondo. I really hope they’ll bring this feature back for Cubase 13. Even if they make it a toggleable on/off feature. This is the first I’ve ever heard about it causing “instability” when it was available. I certainly never experienced that. If anyone else feels the same about this feature, please bring it to Steinberg’s attention. @Matthias_Quellmann

Still not back in Cubase 13. Sigh

Why steinbrerg developers not know it’s a competitive feature?
Why the developers not know that it’s really useful

Cubase thinks new plugins are more important to people bro!

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Well then, another version without local undo. I’m not sure where the problem is, but I seriously hope Steinberg manages to solve it - or at least addresses the issue here on the forum.

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Daniel Spreadbury shed some light on the problem on VI-C, sharing it here as well.

"I asked one of the Cubase developers about this, and I want to stress that our developers do not set priorities on their own: priorities are set in collaboration between our product managers, product planners, and developers. So he isn’t able to say what kind of priority this issue will be given.

However, he was able to give me some background on the situation. Local undo in the Key Editor was a cause of many undo-related crashes, and during the Cubase 10.5 cycle the decision was taken to focus on stability at the expense of this functionality. No decision has yet been made about whether or when this feature might return, but the team is aware that a number of users are missing it, and will discuss what might be required to solve the underlying problems with undo that would allow them to consider bringing it back in a future version."

Well, there is local undo in the new sampler track.
Not quite what you guys want, though…