Bring Back MP3 Tag

I was just using Cubase SX 3 and I noticed it had MP3 tag. Why was a great and useful feature implemented 10 years ago somewhere along the line removed? That’s progress?

Please bring back mp3 tag!

?? Cubase has mp3 tagging. See image.

It’s not in the manual: search mp3 tag, nope. mp3 tagging, nope. [edit] ok the info is there under MPEG 1 Layer 3, ID3. Pdf format manuals really are terrible for finding information.

But, if you had simply searched for ‘mp3’ you would have found it.

Generally, searching for the most general keyword or keywords that yields a set of results that is manageable to peruse is best. For example, don’t search for, “How do I apply tags to an .mp3 audio file during exporting?”

Hm. Search for mp3, you get 5 hits under “MP3 Export (Cubase Artist only)” alone … makes you want to make the search a bit more specific. Try searching for “part” …

Well, the manual has an index too- in it ‘MP3’ appears twice, and under the first entry the information you sought is listed. It appears pretty straightforward, in spite of the difficulties you are having.

I didn’t see it but one could argue including an image would be important.