Bring Back Option For MixConsole To Always Be On Top

The subject line is my request…

Please add an option to allow the MixConsole window to always be on top.

I’m “OK” with the new way CB handles it’s windows but… it was easier, and saved some screen space (especially for those using one monitor) when the option was there.

These kind of options are good. They allow users to choose what is comfortable for them.

Weird that Steinberg would remove that option (unless they have an interest for selling monitors). :wink:

Regards :sunglasses:

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+1 yes please. I´m working with one monitor and this “no AOT” thing is really driving me insane

  • 1 yes absolutly bring it back!


Yes, really want the always on top mixer in addition to full screen mode - loved that!

Yes please, a full screen window is very useful specially in a laptop or when your second monitor is a small one

+1 having this option will not hurt those, who don’t care but is crucial for those who do!

+1 for me too.

What if any advantage is there in removing the option

None… right?

That’s why I am requesting to bring it back. :wink:

Regards :sunglasses:




I need this option !!

Thank you to bring it back!!


Only on condition that they offer a “more on top” option for popup windows! :wink:
I always had the mixer AOT now I just maximize it - you’ll get over it.

:laughing: Ok if you want ! Good idea ! And punishment Neo Soul Keys gratis

+1 “Always On Top” for the MixConsole to be brought back!!!

I use only 1 monitor, and AOT is essential for that.
Thanks for listening.

+1 and as mentioned elsewhere I would also like the option to dock the mixer at the bottom of the project window.

I totally agree, we need AOT back.

The sad thing is, even if Steinberg listens, even though it’s such a small thing for them to roll back, we will still need to wait months for the next release. Until then, Alt+Tab is probably going to be my mainly used shortcut.

Removing AOT without at least leaving it in as an option was a poor choice.

I was still debating whether I should get used to the annoyances of the 7 “improved” mixer or go back to 6.5. And now this…
The thing is, there was absolutely nothing wrong with the old mixer. In fact, I would have rather paid $99 just to bring it back.