Bring Back Option For MixConsole To Always Be On Top

Please Mix always come back to the front console. There is no reason to have removed that option so useful



I’m a long term Cubase user since 1995.

I’ve just upgraded to 8.5 Pro and am very sad and annoyed that the always on top feature has been removed from the Mixer windows.

Please please can we have it back?

Thank you.

We ask 4 it for a long long long time…and what Steinberg answered me on twitter bout that !!!
“we dont want to block the view to some plugins”…


So is there a real reason why they dont implement that back ??? or is it just that they do what they think is good by their standard not the users point of view (many many many many users aks 4 it, and since man,y years now, check when that thread started)

Steinberg could be the king in DAW bizness if they would listen to users like some other brands do !!! (some people will choose a less good soft with a nice team behind it, than a good soft with a team doing less to satisfy users…we pay a soft, we are in the rights to ask for features…)

They said that…? Wow, I never had that problem, the AOT worked 100% on my system. My hope now is that(I use mac) apples new OS will make this problem go away. In their last keynote they said something like systemwide fullscreen even for 3. party apps. This being said, Pro tools free and studio one HAS a full screen mixer, so I dont see why this would be any harder for steinberg to implement. They already did it once…

Hello Luis (or any Stenberg rep). Over 1 1/2 years has past since the quoted reply was posted. Please chime in and give us an update for what is going on with this request. There has got to be a Steinberg plan to bring this back or not. The Steinberg communication on this fairly hot topic has been scarce at best.

Looking forward to hear from you (Steinberg) soon Thanks

Regards. :sunglasses:

Steinberg, can you do anything for us to bring the mixer window “always on top” back to us?

There is no other show-stopper like this in my workflow. :neutral_face:

Bumping this thread again. I’ve been a Cubase user since the earliest version - if ‘Always on top’ for the mixer isn’t implemented in the next update I’m moving to Reaper.

I think we can sit on that thread for ever…they wont do it with a lame excuse (cause having the “e” AoT is hidind some plugins GUI too, tho we can put the “e” in AoT)

Here’s the screen of what they answered me on twitter…It shows 1- they wont bring the AoT mixer function, and 2-they the way the answer disapointed customers !!!

(a thread started long time ago, plus so many people asking for it, but they answer “we deal with (others) voted by users problems so we cool” #xtraLOL)

PS: i wont even imagine that we could see 1 day a “ctrl+z” thing for the mixer only… how many times you would love to hit “ctrl+z” when moved a fader ???

"…mixer AoT is not possible as it was the only way we could fix it …" (the plugins windows disappearing behind the mixer)

Qt does support z order stacking, please implement it. Arranger 0, mixer 1, plugins 2

void QGraphicsItem::setZValue(qreal z)

Sets the Z-value of the item to z. The Z value decides the stacking order of sibling (neighboring) items. A sibling item of high Z value will always be drawn on top of another sibling item with a lower Z value.

If this is too much to ask, for reasons that only the dev team knows, at least give us the option to deal with it, just like before. This is a must for users with 1 monitor setups.

We have more than 1000 items on our FR list”
This is irrelevant, since we’re not talking about a feature request, but a feature that we’ve all paid for which has now been removed without a proper replacement.

Plus when you click on the “e” button on a track…the gui of that window if put in AoT, can block the view of plugins too, like the “gate plugin” and it’s small gui…so why that window can and the mixer cant (be chosen to stay on top OR not)…we dont ask em to put the mixer in an AoT state, but bring back the user choice



I am totally of your opinion.
I would like the option within the preferences menu just to deal with the AOT.
This would be more than I could expect and I would be very happy about this option.

It is a little ironic if Steinberg dont bring back the AOT mixer when theres so much demand for it. It was a selling point on version 7, and even though it apparently has been buggy for some, it wasn´t for most users. Now look at the selling points of version 8 and 8.5 - the egde popups menus, name abbreviations and split loop/timeline that dont work at all and NOONE likes, it seems Steinberg want to keep these features.

If Steinberg can remove a feature from 7 to 8, they can hopefully remove features that dont work from 8 to 9 as well, and in the process bring back what the users want - a bugfixed AOT mixer, and a AOT project window as well.

+1 :imp:

If I had known I would not have bought Cubase 8.
If I had known I would not have bought Cubase 8.


Someone at Steinberg should provide status for this issue. Communication is the key. Especially for one of the top requests on the forum (#6 when sorted by “Replies” and #4 when sorted by “Views”). For the life of me, I can’t figure out why an update has not been provided since Luis Dongo chimed in over 1 1/2 years ago (on January 19, 2015).

If it’s being considered… say it. If not… say it.

Simple. There is nothing hard about that.

Regards :sunglasses:



I liked the full screen option in 6/7 (whenever it was)

Is there any way to return “back” to cubase 7. I need the mix always ahead and that it had cubase.
Is simply download it, or have to pay again?
The cubase 8 without the mix always ahead does not help me.
Answers, please.

Thank you

Yes, it’s possible to have both Cubase 7 and Cubase 8 installed simultaneously on the same machine. Your Cubase 8 license will allow Cubase 7 to run. You can download the installation media for Cubase 7 here.

+1 and getting close to two years later.

Yup, this is pretty annoying alright. I was always working with the mixer AOT and would hit F3 to close it when needed. The mixer is something the user should always be in control of - it should never be doing something automatically. If I put it somewhere, it should stay there. Obedient mixer, heel.

Secondly, and I’m going to make this a separate suggestion (imo, it’s a bug)… I don’t think Alt-Tab is meant to be used within the architecture of a program - it’s meant for switching between programs running in the background which is sometimes what I am doing.

Steinberg needs to open up their program to a more diverse and broader base of beta testers who actually use this program to make money so these mistakes don’t happen anymore.

Hope this is a free update for 8/.5 users.

Bump? :open_mouth: :blush: