Bring Back Option For MixConsole To Always Be On Top

In Cubase Pro 8 you have to disable AOT for all your plugins etc to get the MixConsole on top.


Why do they do stuff like this? It must have taken way more effort to remove it than to leave it alone.

Still hoping for this option to be brought back as it was not in CB 8.0.5.

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+1 i used Cubase Elements 7 and this feature was the best, now that i bought Cubase Artist 8 is not there!
was a really wrong choice to do that, bring it back!

Hi guys,

just to chime in…

I am currently in conversations with the engineering and product planning teams to see what can be done about this. They are already aware of the situation (thanks to SteveInChicago) and are evaluating the risks of bringing this function back (which seems to be requested by many of you) and if possible, when it will be available again.

I will let you know as soon as I have more information about this.

All the best

Luis, thank you for posting. :slight_smile:
I’m sure we are all hopeing something can be done to return this function. Can’t wait to hear from you soon.

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+1 yes, please.


please! I pay money for it! tell me how much!


i use a AHK one line script, I found searching always on top.
Oops doesn’t work anymore.

Thanks, this is the biggest GUI issue for me.


Hi Luis,

It’s been approximately 6 weeks since you posted on this topic and now I am wondering if you can provide an update for it? Even “Sorry there is no news yet but it is still being reviewed.” would be a welcome communication for now. Thanks. :wink:

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+1 yes please!!!

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An essential function.
I am very displeased since I recognized this function to be removed.

Any news?

Would very much like to see this option back!


+1 for me also. Have a heart for those of us on a single monitor, Steiny! :slight_smile:

I was wondering why they did remove that so important feature, and hoping they would bringing it back.

But in fact, in preferences i did the “disable AOT for all your plugins” and for myself it behaves the same as it was in the Cubase 7 with option preferences “AOT for all your plugins” activated.

It’s only my workflow but like that i don’t have to switch anymore with the option “AOT for plugin off” when i want to drag and drop external sample to my sampling plug-in.