Bring back Script Maker (New & updated) :idea:

This is a simple request to Steinberg and hopefully with enough upvotes we can make it happen :smiley: :question: :exclamation:

For the new users
Script Maker was a separate software tool which allowed us to create patches & banks for our hardware equipment, managed via MIDI from Cubase.

It has been grossly neglected over the past few years, despite music hardware & outboard still be being developed and bought and expected to be patch managed by Cubase.

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why is this in General and not ‘Feature Requests’




There’s an old version still in the archives I found a link to today whilst searching about .xml and .txt script files for an old midi device in this steinberg forum and seems to install OK on Windows 10 but not actually tested it out properly to see if fully functional


I have a KORG minilogue xd and there is no patchname script to be found anywhere. So to be able to use Scriptmaker again for this, would be awesome.
Besides Scriptmaker I would love Steinberg to make a easy to use Panel Maker as well. I would love to make my own Panels too.

It is not an extension or feature of Cubase - rather it used to be a separate application

Thanks for that - I am hoping however that we should not be limited to using something that old and “crossing fingers” that its still works as intended on new OSs. Hopefully with enough interest this application can be brought back from the barely conscious. :smiley:

Scriptmaker still works, I made 3 new scripts yesterday:
Sequential Prophet-10 rev4
Sequential OB-6
Novation PEAK

In the pipeline:
Moog One
Roland SE-02
Roland TR-8s

Scriptmaker could use an update though:

  • modern look
  • hdpi scaling
  • mass txt import
  • midi I/O to test settings “live” in editor before exporting scripts

I’m quite fluid with it now, together with pdf2txt and excel, I can build a fully populated factory script in about a hour.
Scripts are still the cleanest way to use external synths with presets in Cubase.
I just need to understand now how to implement expansion packs, other can creating duplicate banks with different names.

Good to know - which OS are you using it on?


Nothing to see

Would you share the Novation Peak script? I was looking for the Korg Monologue XD which brought me to this link. Thanks in Advance Ray

Sure :slight_smile: (24.5 KB)

Thanks you so much, it’s appreciated. You saved me a few hours of typing.